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Grilled pork neck in barbecue sauce

Źródło:, 28 October 2015

Great pork in a delicious sauce!

Sausages in puff pastry

blog:,28 October 2015

When I do not have time I’m doing this quick dinner.

Pepper sauce

blog:,28 October 2015

This sauce goes very well with pasta, sandwiches, vegetable and casseroles.

Homemade casserole

blog:,28 October 2015

This kind of casserole you can buy on the street, but when made at home, it tastes delicious.

Salad with beets, sardines and tomatoes

blog:,26 October 2015

I would recommend that salad! It will replace more than one dinner/supper.

Autumn energy! Salad with broccoli and radish

Źródło:, 25 October 2015

Refreshing and fits perfectly ito bread, fish, meat or cheese.

Stuffed mushrooms

Źródło: Kobi, 22 October 2015

Delicious mushrooms perfect for the winter season.

Autumn salad with tuna

blog:,22 October 2015

The perfect salad for cooler, rainy days.


Źródło:, 21 October 2015

Quick and cool pancakes.

Folwark Sauces – another chapter

blog:,21 October 2015

The next portion of inspiration from Folwark!

Casserole with stale bread with zucchini and crispy bacon

blog:, 18 October 2015

If you have some stale bread, be sure to try this recipe because it is really delicious!

Chicken meatballs with egg

blog:,16 October 2015

These meatballs are a big competition for a traditional meatballs with pork.