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Folwark sauces in my kitchen

blog: Moja Kuchnia Malutka , 29 June 2015

I start my culinary journay with Folwark sauces. When I saw the portfolio I would prefer to say “world’s sauces” ­čÖé

Folwark’s hamburgers

blog: Pychotka , 29 June 2015

Hamburger for breakfast? Yes! Only with Folwark sauce.

Supper’s combinations – penne with aubergine and barbecue sauce with pesto ,26 June 2015

Despite the fact that barbecue sauce is common for grill it is also perfect for other dishes.

Kuchennymi drzwiami about our culinary workshop

blog: Kuchennymi drzwiami , 26 June 2015

My feelings after culinary workshop.

I judge Folwark sauces very well

blog: Testowanie produkt├│w , 25 June 2015

I judge them very well.

Pizza for big baking tray

blog: Pychotka , 24 June 2015

Cutlets from minced meat with hamburger’s sauce

blog: Kuchareczka mała , 23 June 2015

New way for traditional minced cutlets.

Just moreish !

blog: testowanie-recenzja , 22 June 2015

All my dishes are with this sauce. Just moreish!

Big threesome on the winners’ stand

blog: czasemtakjest ,22 June 2015

I introduce big threesome which for month have captured stage in my kitchen.

Shoulder stewed in barbecue sauce

blog: Magiczne ┼╝ycie Marty , 22 June 2015

Today You will find proposal for a dinner. Delicious meat, perfectly spiced. Satiated dish, ideal for our ‘summer’ – it is rainy today in my neighbourhood. So we eat to be full and run to work.

Not only grilling with Folwark

blog: czasemtakjestczasemtakjest , 22 June 2015

I introduce big threesome which for month have captured stage in my kitchen Read more.

This delicious sauce will be permanent in my kitchen , 22 June 2015

Danish Remulada – my favourite sauce will be permanent present in my kitchen. I use this sauce for everything. Read more