Grill season is coming!

Warszawa, 20 April 2015

It is spring, we are going to start grill and garden party season. So we offer our customers sauces based on unique recipes in our company which can be used in different ways. With our sauces each dish is a new discovery. For grilled meat very good is sauce kebab gyros in two versions: mild and hot. Danish Remualda […]

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Grilled squids

Grilled squids served in ciabatta with ruccola, caramel onion, tomatoes and dressing of “1000 islands” Grilled Folwark® Chilli, parsley, garlic and spices are mixed with olive oil in the bowl and the clean squid is rubbed with them. On the frying pan we heat butter and add sugar with red onion. We fry as long as sugar […]

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