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Beef meatballs with Remulada Dunska souce

Warsaw, 17 September 2015

Do you like beef meatballs? In my family home, my mother was preparing them in many different ways. Today I invite you for a quick and simple, but very glamorous and tasty, meat rolls.

Filet sandwich

blog: Kulinarna Mamusia16 September 2015

Delicious breakfast ‘at your fingertips.

Chicken baked with vegetables

blog: z kuchni do kuchni14 September 2015

Chicken that I can recommend for a dinner. Juicy, aromatic and… delicious.

Wrap with smoked salmon and Remulada Dunska souce

blog: Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania13 September 2015

Delicious alternative for sandwiches, and even faster to prepare;-)

Kebab-gyros sauce – recycled dish;-)

blog:,13 September 2015

A great way to clean your refrigerator!

Gyros salad with chips flavored with grilled vegetables

blog: Wanilia i Kardamon11 September 2015

A very popular and tasty gyros salad with Chinese cabbage ande kebab-gyros souce from Folwark.

Hot – dogs with chicken, marinated in white pepper and chilli

blog: VioletoweKucharzenie10 September 2015

Homemade fast food with homemade baguettes and spicy chicken marinated in white pepper and chilli peppers.

Penne with lentil and courgette

blog: Wanilia i Kardamon8 September 2015

Pasta with lentil and courgette is aromatic and warming dish perfect for rainy days.

Party rissoles

blog: VioletoweKucharzenie8 September 2015

Small meat balls ideal for family events. they ideally taste with Mexican sauce.

“Perłowe spotkanie MAM” in Giżycko. Of course with Folwark sauces!

blog: latosiowy dom,6 September 2015

Another delicious dishes prepared on “Perłowe Spotkania MAM. Of course with Folwark sauces!

Salad with barbecue sauce

blog: moje domowe kucharzenie3 September 2015

Ideal salad as a addition for chicken burgers.

Fried vegetables with Mexican sauce

blog: moja kuchnia malutka,1 September 2015

Fast dish, slightly spicy. Suitable for summer dinners.