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Chicken breast beer nibbles

blog: moja kuchnia malutka1 September 2015

A little appetizer for beer, but not only. Small pieces of chicken in beer pie in crispy batter with bread crumbs. Served with “1000 Wysp” souce.

Folwark – garlic souce and Thousand Island dressing

blog: madziakowo, 29 August 2015

My favorite is the garlic one:) I have always loved the garlic sauce because it is delicious with both: vegetable dishes and typical French fries. On the other hand my husband loves Thousand Island dressing.

Sasuage in puff pastry

blog: przepisownik ,28 August 2015

We used to add ketchup. But today we decided to add salsa mexicana. It was good choice 😉

Polish food day with laureates of “Doceń polskie” emblem ,28 August 2015

Producers of Polish food, honoured “Doceń polskie” emblem, celebrated Polish food day and encouraged all fans of local products to do the same.

Chicken cutlets with barbecue sauce

blog: moje domowe kucharzenie27 August 2015

Barbecue sauce was added to chicken cutlets. It enriched taste of it, cutlets were delicious!

Grill salad

blog: pychotka ,27 August 2015

The end of holiday forecasts beautiful. This is the ideal moment for grill.

Folwark souces and the “Perłowe spotkanie Mam” meeting

blog: Rękodzieło - moja pasja w wolnym czasie,26 August 2015

We are happy to announce that Folwark sauces were present at the “Perłowe spotkanie Mam” meeting. Read more…

Salad with garlic sauce

blog: gotowanie i testowanie,26 August 2015

On hot days, the salad is very suitable for breakfast or dinner 🙂

Easy pizza without kneading

blog: latosiowy dom ,26 August 2015

Who doesn’t feel like eating pizza from time to time 😉

Spaghetti with beef and vegetables

blog: różowa kuchnia,25 August 2015

A very tasty spaghetti with beef and vegetables

Multilayer salad with broccoli, tomato, cucamber and egg

blog: zkuchnidokuchni ,25 August 2015

This is ideal sauce for this kind of salad. It won’t spread out, it tastes excellent.

Grilled ‘kebabczeta’

blog: Pychotka ,24 August 2015

Delicious 🙂