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Eggs with garlic sauce

Źródło:, 15 October 2015

Eggs with mayonnaise is a traditional Polish dish.

Spinach with garlic sauce from Folwark

Źródło:, 14 October 2015

Very tasty!

Chicken pizza roasted on stone

Źródło:, 13 October 2015

Super pizza traditionally baked!

Folwark sauce will add flavor to every dish

Źródło:, 12 October 2015

Try this salsa mexicana sauce as a base for salads 🙂

Wings in vinegar

blog:,8 October 2015

I wonder who already eat wings in vinegar. Delicious!

Devil salsa for meats

Źródło:, 7 October 2015

Super hot sauce for cold days!

Folwark Ketchup premium, Sos salsa mexicana and Sos czosnkowy on Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania blog

blog: Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania :-)6 October 2015

Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania about our products!

3 new sauces: Ketchup, salsa mexicana premium and garlic sauce :-)

Miejsce:,6 October 2015

Three new sauces from Folwark: Premium Ketchup, Garlic sauce and Salsa Mexicana sauce!

Mexican zucchini

Źródło: Kobi, 1 October 2015

Delicious zucchini!

Casseroles with cooked mushrooms and Folwark sauce

Źródło:, 27 September 2015

Quick idea for a snack or dinner for the whole family.

Another tasty sauces from Folwark on Malinowa Chatka blog

blog: Malinowa Chatka,22 September 2015

Folwark once again surprised my whole family sending us 3 new sauces to taste.

Croissants stuffed with cheese

blog: Moje gotowanie i blogowanie,21 September 2015

Delicious homemade croissants stuffed with cheese.