Juicy slices of roast beef

Juicy slices of roast beef on lettuce with fresh cucamber, dried tomatoes, kohlrabi, sauer cucamber, capers, strawberries and toasts. Served with Danish Remulade Folwark ®

Danish Remulada sauce Folwark® 100g dried tomatoes
300g grilled rump cut 1 kohlrabi  (cut into thin bars)
1 lolo rosso lettuce 1 big fresh cucamber (peeled into slices)
1 lolo bianco lettuce 2 sauer cucamber (cut into thin bars)
1 oak leaf lettuce 4 strawberries
100g rucola leafs 3 spoons of extra vergine olive
1 frisse lettuce 1 tea spoon of black pepper
100g capers baguette


Rump cut rub by pepper and olive and put on hot grill. Grill each side for 4-6 minutes to make it medium rare. Wash the lettuce, mix and sprinkle with olive. Put on the plate.  roast beef Rostbef nacieramy pieprzem, odrobiną oliwy i kładziemy na rozgrzanego grilla. Grillujemy go z każdej strony po 4-6 minut tak, aby był średnio krwisty. Sałaty myjemy, mieszamy i skrapiamy oliwą. Układamy na talerzu. Roll peeled cucamber slices and put between lettuce. Add dried tomatoes, capers. Baguette brown on grill. Slice roast beef into thin slices and add to the lettuce. Pour kohlrabi, sauer cucamber and strawberries. Serve with toasts.


                                                                             Enjoy !



Author of the recipe is, Chef in Warsaw Restaurant-Winiarni „Kotłownia” www.winiarnia-kotlownia.pl