Tuna steak in barbecue sauce

Juicy tuna steak in barbecue sauce.

2 tuna steaks – 200g each Fresh rosemary
Sos barbecue Folwark 100g Fresh thyme
Mineral water (or boild, cool water) 50 – 70ml Garlic 2-3 cloves
Rape oil 30ml (2 spoons) Salt
Coriander 1 tea spoons Sugar
Green asparagus 500g Coctail tomatoes 100g
Butter 100g

Coriander crush in mortar and add sauce – mix precisely. Pour to the bowl: barbecue sauce, water and oil. Mix precisely to make smooth consistency.

Put on tuna steak half of prepared pickle (both sides). Set aside for 1-2 hours to the fridge. Remember to take out the steaks from fridge earlier (they should have room temperature while frying).

Peel asparagus, snap off the endings. Cleaned asparagus put into boiling, salten water with sugar. Boil 3-4 minutes.

In small saucepan clear butter adding 1 spoon of oil, add fresh herbs: rosemary, thyme, garlic – boil few minutes.

Pickled tuna steaks grill about 2 minutes (both each side).

Grilled tuna steaks put on plates, leave for a moment and spread the rest of pickle.

Pour clear butter on a pan. Add coctail tomatoes and boiled asparagus. Fry a while in high temperature (about 2-3 minutes).


Compose on a plate: hot asparagus, slightly fried coctail tomatoes and grilled steak in barbecue sauce. Decorate lemon and fresh herbs.