Cinnamon prawns sweet chili

Fresh prawns sparked by cinnamon served on sweet chili vegetablets.

prawns:16 – 20 pcs. 0,5kg (20szt) green pepper
cinnamon 2/3 tea spoons white radish
chili pepper 1 piece red onion
oil 50ml (1/3 glass) carrot
garlic 2 – 3 gloves Madziarów sauce Folwark
fish sauce 50 – 70ml lime
sugar 1 tea spoon fresh corriander

Clean prawns, rinse and dry.

Sparkle cleaned prawns by cinnamon and sugar, pour oil ans fish sauce. Mix precisely.

Remove seeds from chili pepper. Chop cleaned pepper, add to the prawns.

Peel garlic, chop and add to the prawns. Mix prawns with all ingredients again as soon as all spices join.

Put seasoned prawns into the fridge for about 2 hours.

Pickled prawns fry on teflon pan without oil (2 minutes each side). Prawns should change colour from grey into pink.

Wszystkie warzywa po uprzednim oczyszczeniu kroimy w julien.

Grate limon skin (only the green layer), squeeze juice from 1/2 lime, add Folwar sauce, mix precisely.

Hot prawns serve on sweet chili vegetablets, decorate fresh corriander and lime.