Grilled squids

Grilled squids served in ciabatta with ruccola, caramel onion, tomatoes and dressing of “1000 islands”
Grilled Folwark®

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150g fresh squid

1 ciabatta

1 teaspoon of chopped chilli

2 middle red onions

1 spoon of olive oil

1 spoon of butter


1 spoon of parsley

2 spoons of sugar

4 tomatoes cherry

some ruccola

salt, pepper


Chilli, parsley, garlic and spices are mixed with olive oil in the bowl and the clean squid is rubbed with them. On the frying pan we heat butter and add sugar with red onion. We fry as long as sugar turns into caramel and onion is soft. Pickled squid is roasted on both sides and than cut into stripes. We cut hot ciabatta. We spread sauce on both pieces, put ruccola, onion squids and tomatoes cherry. Then we pour with Dressing of 1000 islands Folwark® as much as we prefer.

Enjoy your meal!

Author of the recipe is, Chef in Warsaw Restaurant-Winiarni „Kotłownia”