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Fresh salad in delicious kitchen

Dobre Rady ,1 July 2015

Recipe for refreshing, light salad for hot summer days.

Folwark sauces and Topaz stores in common campaign

Handel Extra ,29 June 2015

Handel Extra about the contest “Grilluj z Folwarkiem”.

Jem radio about the contest “Grilluj z Folwarkiem”

Jem radio , 22 June 2015

Win attractive prizes which make grilling time more pleasantly.

“Grilluj z Folwarkiem” contest starts

Hot business news , 22 June 2015

Brand Folwark and Topaz stores invite to take part in contest “Grilluj z Folwarkiem”. Organizers prepared set of attractive pizes. Read more.

Grill with Folwark. Win attractive prizes.

Hurt i detal ,22 June 2015

Magazine Hurt i Detal encourage to take part in contest “Grilluj z Folwarkiem”. Contest prepared for Topaz’s customers. Read more

Folwark sauces – ideal for grill time

portalspoż ,10 June 2015

There are a lot of warm, spring and summer weekends. We will not refuse grilling with family and friends. For many of us standard grilled sasuage, dipped in mustard is not enough. We are looking for new flavours, combinations and ideal sauces. Read more

Folwark sauces – irreplaceable for grill

Wiadomości Handlowe ,21 May 2015

Folwark sauces perfectly compose with grill meal – giving them unique taste.


Warsaw, 18 May 2015,114629.html


Warsaw, 13 May 2015

Grill dishes taste best with sauce: for roasted vegetables sauce remulada, burgers and spareribs match with sauce barbecue and steaks with kebab gyros.

Sauce barbecue and Danish Remulada by Folwark

Warsaw, 7 May 2015

For incoming grill season brand Folwark offer sauces ideal for such od meals – Barbecue and Danish Remulada.

Folwark presents news for grill season.

Warsaw, 5 May 2015

During incoming grill season trendy beef burger or grilled ribs shoul not stay without adding delicious barbecue sauce. Danish Remulada compose ideally with grilled vegetablets.

Grill with sauces Folwark in Handel Extra

Warsaw, 4 May 2015

Company Kotaniec Ltd. limited partnership is being introduced on the market with wide range of ready made sauces Folwark. There are 10 sauces in the offer: kebab gyros mild, kebab gyros hot, garlic sauce, salsa mexicana, Danish Remulada, Magyar sauce, sauce for pizza, sauce barbecue, dressing of 1000 islands and ketchup. Thanks to this products everyone can prepare dishes in many ways, both hot and cold.