Home made beef hamburger


beef 450 g                                            

cheese Chedar

ciabatta 3 szt


red onion




1 yolk

1 onion


salt, pepper

 coriander (grains)


hamburger sauce Folwark ®

Mince the beef, add chopped onion and yolk. Mix. Spice with crumbled corriander, pepper and salt. Mix again. Form the cutlets. On a pan warm 2 spoons of oil and put prepared hamburgers, decrease power and fry 3-5 minutes on each side (depending on the thickness).

Cut ciabatta, butter it and bake in oven 3-4 minutes (180 degrees). On hot ciabatta put: on one half – cheese and cutlets and on second – vegetablets. Prepared hamburgers treat with hamburger sauce.

                                                                                           Enjoy !