Warsaw, Wednesday April 22nd, 2015

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Creative play with delicious taste

Warszawa, 22nd April 2015 r. – Do you organize party in the garden ? Do you look for grill inspiration ? Visit your shop and start your cooking adventure with ready made sauces Folwark in ten delicious tastes. It is an ideal proposal for dishes in the grill season, and everyday..

The coming season in the kitchen and on the tables cannot be tasted without Folwark sauces, and there is a large choice. In our offer there are 10 sauces: kebab gyros mild, kebab gyros hot, garlic sauce, salsa mexicana, Danish Remulada, Magyar sauce, sauce for pizza, sauce barbecue, Dressing of 1000 islands and ketchup premium. Thanks to this products everyone can prepare dishes in many ways, both hot and cold with different effects every time and enrich our menu. They will provide especially grilled dishes with unforgettable taste and will be pleasure for the most demanding tastes.

“It is spring, we are going to start grill and garden party season. So we offer our customers sauces made of carefully selected ingredients, based on unique recipes in our company which can be used in different ways. For example, for grilled meat very good is sauce kebab gyros in two versions: mild and hot. Danish Remualda is a delicious addition to grilled vegetables and snacks. Sauce barbecue is not to avoid in fashionable beef burgers and grilled spareribs. There are so many possibilities that we can let enjoy ourselves our imagination. In our family we like experiments in the kitchen and the effect all the time surprises positively. Enjoy cooking play with sauces Folwark – guaranteed satisfaction. I am sure it will be hit of the season and favourite mark of the Polish.”-says Łukasz Kotaniec, the member of the board of Kotaniec Ltd. limited partnership.

Mark Folwark invites customers to play not only in the kitchen and by the grill and also in the Internet. On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/folwark.sosy?fref=ts you can share your opinions, inspirations, ideas. Customers can expect competition with prizes. Official webside of our mark www.folwark.com.pl is fully integrated with social networks. You can find there information about company and products, and soon will be published interesting news, recipes, advices. The website is available for mobile devices.

Sauces Folwark are available in comfortable bottles 450 ml. You can buy them in groceries, butcher’s and shopping networks.

***** Company Folwark was established in 1991 r. Initially there were employed a few people and the production was based only on the mayonnaise. Running the business for 20 years the portfolio has been improved by many unique products. Since the 1.01.2015 company has been trading as Kotaniec Ltd. limited partnership. Nowadays over 100 people share their experience and take care of the most demanding consumers producing not only traditional but also unique sauces of ethnic cuisine.