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Crossword puzzle

źródło: Gazeta Pomorska,12 October 2015

Play for readers

Ketchup Folwarczny – must have in every restaurant business

Źródło:, 8 October 2015

Ketchup Folwarczny from Folwark is manufactured according to the original recipe, unchanged for many years.

Wings in vinegar

blog:,8 October 2015

I wonder who already eat wings in vinegar. Delicious!

Devil salsa for meats

Źródło:, 7 October 2015

Super hot sauce for cold days!

Folwark Ketchup premium, Sos salsa mexicana and Sos czosnkowy on Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania blog

blog: Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania :-)6 October 2015

Pomysłowe i pyszne śniadania about our products!

3 new sauces: Ketchup, salsa mexicana premium and garlic sauce :-)

Miejsce:,6 October 2015

Three new sauces from Folwark: Premium Ketchup, Garlic sauce and Salsa Mexicana sauce!

Mexican zucchini

Źródło: Kobi, 1 October 2015

Delicious zucchini!

Casseroles with cooked mushrooms and Folwark sauce

Źródło:, 27 September 2015

Quick idea for a snack or dinner for the whole family.

Folwark – Kotaniec brand of sauces that would enrich every dish

Warsaw, 22 September 2015

We are pleased to announce that the subject of our sauces appeared in the TV EXPO site. Read more!

Another tasty sauces from Folwark on Malinowa Chatka blog

blog: Malinowa Chatka,22 September 2015

Folwark once again surprised my whole family sending us 3 new sauces to taste.

Croissants stuffed with cheese

blog: Moje gotowanie i blogowanie,21 September 2015

Delicious homemade croissants stuffed with cheese.

Beef meatballs with Remulada Dunska souce

Warsaw, 17 September 2015

Do you like beef meatballs? In my family home, my mother was preparing them in many different ways. Today I invite you for a quick and simple, but very glamorous and tasty, meat rolls.