North Fish feels the best in our sauces

Warsaw, Thursday June 11th, 2015

10th of June with North Fish company, our business partner, we organized culinary workshop for blogers and journalists in Warsaw’s Cook Up studio. 12 women conducted by excellent cook – Łukasz Jonczyk, North Fish culinary consultant, experimented preparing dishes from fish, seafood and our sauces. For the starter were prepared grey prawns in sweet chili vegetablets and Madziarów sauce Folwark. For the main course were served grilled tuna steaks with barbecue sauce accompanied by fried asparagus, coctail tomatoes and fresh herbs. During the meeting Łukasz Jończyk shared with participants interesting facts, anecdotes and various interesting, culinary tricks. Meeting were excellent occasion to check culinary talents, discover new tastes, exchange experience and have great fun.

We present recipes for above tasty dishes and encourage to prepare them at home.

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