Mini kebabs on-a-stick

beef (beef neck)

chopped fresh rosemary

chopped fresh parsley


1 egg

bread crumbs

Garlic sauce from Folwark

mushrooms 300 g

fresh thyme, chopped

herbal pepper

half teaspoon of cayenne pepper

bread crumbs (2 tablespoons)



Wash meat and dry it with a paper towel, cut into smaller portions. Wash and dry the mushrooms in a pan, add the meat. Add rosemary, thyme and parsley, spice it with salt and pepper. Prepare the egg and add 2 tablespoons of bread crumb soaked in water. Knead the meat and leave it for an hour. You can put it ti the refrigerator. After 2 hours take the meat and stick it to the sticks. Toss mini-kebabs in breadcrumb and fry them in oil. Serve with garlic sauce and bread.