Tiger prawns on sweet sour turnip


tiger prawns 8 pcs parsley tops 1/2 bunch
olive oil 1 spoon turnip 1 pcs
butter 1 spoon salt, pepper
garlic 2 cloves Folwark ® sweet sour sauce
fresh green peas (for decoration)

Prawns – skin, clean, wash and dry. Spice them with pepper – put aside. Chop the garlic and parsley tops.

In the meantime peel the turnip into very thin strips. Add Folwark ® sweet sour sauce. Put aside.

Warm the olive on grill pan, brown the garlic. Add prawns and grill about 2 minutes (on each side). Add butter and grill for a while. After 1 minute add chopped parsley tops, mix and take off from the oven.

Prepared prawns put on sweet souer turnip, decorate with green peas and grilled garlic.