Sauce should suits to the dish the same as the best tailored dress to the woman

Warsaw, Wednesday May 20th, 2015

There are a lot of warm and summer weekends coming. Will have many opportunities to spend great time grilling with Family and Friends. Standard grilled sasuage dipped in mustard is not enough for many of us. We are looking for new tastes, combinations ans ideal sauces. One of the culinary revolutionist, Georges Auguste Escoffier, who  at the turn of XIX and XX century fed kings and changed eating into celebrating emphesized that sauce should suits to the meat or fish the same as the best tailored dress to the woman. Thats why Folwark (R) constantly improves flavours and recipes to satisfy the most demanding customers. There are plenty of choices: Kebab gyros mild sauce, Kebab gyros hot, Garlic sauce, Salsa mexicana, Danish Remulada, Madziarów sauce, Pizza sauce, Barbecue, Dressing 1000 Island, Ketchup premium. Thanks to that products everyone can prepare dishes for many ways: hot/cold – getting each time different result and verying daily menu. Our sauces give dishes, especially grilled ones, unique taste.